Here are what Findlay students and parents have to say about orchestra.

High School Orchestra Members:
  • "I like the creative and musical aspect that orchestra adds to my life."
  • "Orchestra has given me a chance to show who I am through music."
  • "My participation in orchestra has allowed me to meet many new friends and has always given me a pleasant break from more nose-in-the-book classes."
  • "Orchestra has given me an opportunity to express myself and taught me determination, dedication and responsibility."
  • "Always felt comfortable going to school knowing I have orchestra."
  • "It helps me work hard. Gives me something to strive for."
  • "I like coming into orchestra and thinking differently than I would in academic classes."
  • "It gives me more of a chance to express myself musically, and it gives me something to look forward to, something beautiful in the morning."

Parents of Orchestra Students:

  • "The orchestra program has impacted many aspects of my children's lives. Learning an instrument provides a basis for lifelong music appreciation and involvement. Practicing at home and as part of the group teaches responsibility and teamwork and the orchestra is a great social group of kids. I can't say enough about how much it has positively impacted my kids, especially in teaching them that education is about more than tests and quizzes but it is about making them a well-rounded citizen of the world."
  • "Our student has enjoyed the diversity and challenges of music. She also has benefited through pride in the group's efforts and successes in the orchestral productions and contests. She feels a sense of belonging to a greater whole."
  • The orchestra program has allowed my children to develop talents they never would have known they possessed. It has helped develop leadership skills, teamwork, and pride in accomplishment. It has taught them that if they want something (1st chair) they can have it if they practice and work for it. It has given them the ability to understand and appreciate all types of music which is a skill they will utilize more often than calculus.
  • Our child has benefited significantly from the FHS Orchestra program in the following ways: 1. Advances in math skills; 2. Better motor skills; 3. Improvement in recall and retention in and out of school; 4. Developed self-confidence. It is also apparent to us that the orchestra program has brought so much joy and pride to our son these last five years. He also feels a sense of honor to be part of something so distinguished and influential. The orchestra program also has provided a comfortable social avenue for our son to connect with others.
  • My daughter uses music in other classes as a means to memorize (stems in English, formulas in Math, lists in Spanish, Periodic table in science). Playing piano/viola and contemporary music during school has created a niche socially for her and she feels accepted. This has been a big confidence booster for her and she works hard in all areas of school.
  • Playing with friends and making new friends while having fun—what could be better? Having a full day keeps study habits focused. Music participation leads to more participation in other areas. If you expect more from your students, you tend to get more.
  • The orchestra program has been extremely beneficial to both of my children. It has shown them the importance of being responsible, it has also helped my daughter become a little more comfortable in front of people. It has also given my children a 'can-do' attitude, which I believe has also helped them with their school work.