Findlay City Schools offers the only string program in Hancock County. Students can participate in orchestra from grades 6 through 12.

6th Grade
Sixth grade is the beginning year for students to learn a string instrument. Beginning orchestra is offered at both Glenwood and Donnell during a daily 40-minute class. Beginners spend the first year building a solid foundation for future success. They learn how to hold their instrument with correct posture, read notes and musical terms, demonstrate rhythms, and perform a variety of songs. Students become part of the "orchestra family" and are amazed at how much they learn.

7th Grade
7th grade orchestra is offered at both Glenwood and Donnell during a daily 40-minute class period.  Students continue to refine their skills and read and perform more difficult music.  They begin to learn more advanced bowing techniques, vibrato and shifting.



8th Grade
8th grade orchestra is offered at both Glenwood and Donnell during a daily 40-minute class period. This is an important year for orchestra students as they tackle more challenging techniques and difficult music in preparation for joining the FHS Symphony Orchestra the following year. Students also have the chance to experiment with electric instruments and different playing styles (fiddling) during 8th grade.



Findlay High School Orchestra
The FHS Symphony Orchestra is a full orchestra ensemble (strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion) comprised of high school musicians in grades 9-12. The orchestra meets daily during 1st period in the Instrumental Music Room and rehearses a challenging and varied repertoire of music. The orchestra hosts three major concerts each year—the Pops Concert in November; the All-City Orchestra Festival in January; and the Spring Finale Concert in May. In addition, the orchestra travels to either Glenwood or Donnell each year for a school day performance and participates in the OMEA State Orchestra Adjudicated Event each February. The orchestra has received 17 Superior ratings and 8 Excellent ratings at State Contest in the past 25 years.


Findlay High School Chamber Orchestra
The FHS Chamber Orchestra is comprised of the top 20 string players in the FHS Symphony Orchestra, as determined by auditions.  The Chamber Orchestra rehearses after school once a week from October through May. The group's performance schedule varies each year, but typically includes five to seven concerts.  In past years, the Chamber Orchestra has been invited to perform at the Marathon Christmas Party, the Birchaven Retirement Village, the Jones Mansion, and the FHS Commencement Ceremony.  Each year, the Chamber Orchestra also takes a school-day field trip to hear a performance of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.