• Lifelong skills. Orchestra teaches commitment, time management, goal setting, perseverance, teamwork, composure and other invaluable skills for success in the "real world."

  • Brain power. Playing a string instrument engages the mind in new ways—leading to greater brain power with an increased ability to memorize, understand complexity, concentrate, multi-task and problem solve.

  • Academic Success. Research has shown that students who play astring instrument receive higher SAT/ACT scores and achieve higher overall grades than other students.

  • Enrichment.  Orchestra is culturally enriching. Students take field trips to hear professional orchestras, work with guest musicians who visit the school, learn about composers and different cultures, perform at their church or for community events, participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest and Northwest Regional Orchestra, earn awards and honors, participate in fun parties, and much more.

  • Social/Emotional.  Orchestra is a social and emotional outlet for students. They make friends, develop confidence and have fun. Making music with peers is an invigorating and refreshing break from academic school work.

  • Future Opportunity.  Learning to playa stringinstruments is a skill that can continue for a lifetime.Many Findlay students play in their college's orchestra and some even receive scholarships to play—even those who aren't majoring in music. A few choose career paths in music. And still others continue to play into adulthood, because every community in the country provides ample opportunities for skilled adult string players to perform.